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30 May


Sun. 30. May. kl. 16.00 to Fri. 04. Jun. kl. 20.00
4 dance performances May 30 till June 4 - GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

We are pleased to be able to show four differnet dance performances during the festival.


PLEJER ER DØD SAMBA - Uppercut Dance Theater


Welcome inside the pig's blood red fantasy! A samba arena, a circle, a hearth, a pigsty.
A circus of festivities, secrets, communities and temptations.
SAMBA is raw and urban. SAMBA is pulsating and sensual. SAMBA is swine flu and cohesion. SAMBA is everything that occurs in the space between us. SAMBA wants to go under the skin, behind the mask, around the manege, and give body and space to everything we are.
With our snouts in the trough and our tails up, we dig deep into the pigsty and plunge into the community, with all that entails of misunderstandings, compromises and balancing act - on pig toes in the mud puddle in a world of pork.
DATES MAY 30th + 31st + June 2nd 
TIME 18.00-19.00 (6-7PM)
AGE 12+
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Two Parts Apart - a double bill - Lazy Susan & co. / aNorange Collective
Two duets - one melancholic and surreal, the other simple and humorous - explore (mis) communication, compassion and ambivalent relationships between two people, through contemporary dance and abstract theater.
Two Parts Apart is a visual dance theater production produced by Dutch-based Lazy Susan & co.
DATES June 2 +3
TIME S 16-17 (4-5PM) / 19-20 (7-8PM)
AGE 14+
Trailers on the Danish page
The Laughing Game -Antoinette Helbing (see trailer below)
THE LAUGHING GAME is a choreographic study of laughter. The work moves at the crossroads between dance, installation and concert. In close relationship with the audience, the performance unfolds laughter such as social communication, bodily state, gurgling sound and exuberant feeling. THE LAUGHING GAME presents a palette of the emotions that laughter can express, its infectious power and its liberating effect. In contrast to the common perception of laughter as just being funny, laughter is portrayed here as both a fun and serious game.
IN THE LAUGHING GAME, the audience enters an existential and not always rational space, which portrays a human state that oscillates between the wild and the absurd, the funny and the serious. The work not only separates laughter and humor, it also separates the form and sound of laughter from the intention and its social context. By producing laughter in different ways, it becomes something unknown, something foreign. The work offers new perspectives as well as greater awareness of this familiar form of social communication.
THE LAUGHING GAME is a tribute to laughter - a celebration of its features & subtleties.
TIMES  June 2nd + 3rd: 18-18:30 (6-6:30PM) , June 4th: 19-19:30 (7-7:30 PM)
AGE 15+
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PRIMUS - Svalholm
PRIMUS is a conceptual choreographic work that explores the theme of beginning - and is a duet with two women of different ages - one covered and one naked - a choreographer and a performer.
In the work, the audience encounters a number of form experiments in which light and imagination play a central role.
PRIMUS works at the crossroads between the sculptural in contemporary art and the performative and sensory in the performing arts.
TIMES 14-15 (2-3PM), 17-18 (5-6PM) and 20-21(8-9PM)
AGE 12+
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