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13 Nov


13.11.2019, 19:30 to 16.11.2019, 19:30
Nov. 13-16
A unique mix of modern dance, physical theatre and impossible beauty standards

Nov 13th-nov 16th

"Move over, Kate Moss! So long, Gigi Hadid! There’s a new breed of supermodel dominating the fashion industry – but there’s a bit of a catch!"

This headline from Glamour Magazine introduces a new species in the fashion world. An uncanny, 100% computer animated, larger than life AI creature.

LOVEU2ND is a sensory distorting performance about the sneaky, subtle rise of the virtual supermodels.

Let yourself be seduced by a passionate performance, exploring the space between the real and the imitated likeness of reality. Can you trust your own eyes?  

Follow along and reach for the unobtainable, as glitching and seducing creatures turns and twists themselves insideout, dancing on a shiny runway of manipulation, in this flashing show, combining a unique mix of modern dance and physical theatre. 

Choreagrapher: Gunilla Lind
Dancers: Iris Thomsen, Josefine Ibsen, Katrina Holm, Shuli Nordbek
Playwright: Betina Rex
Scenographer Kirsten Victoria Lind
Lightdesign Peter Bodholdt Løkke
Composer Kristoffer Rosing-Schow
Producer/PR Shuli Nordbek
Photo and Trailer: Kasper Nybo

Duration: 50 minutes
Ages: 12+
13Nov, 7.30pm
14Nov 7.30pm
15Nov 7.30pm
16Nov 5pm + 7.30pm

The show is sponsored by Statens Kunstfond, Bikubenfonden, Augustinus Fonden, Beckett-Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Louis-Hansen Fonden, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg.