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07 May


Fri. 07. May. kl. 18.00
FREE first come first serve
First Spring sharing is on May 7th

Friday night sharings is Dansekapellets popular sharing event, where the audience gets to experience the up-and-coming trends in the dancing community.

A special host will take over the beautiful Kuppelsal each of the three Friday nights during the fall season, with a specially selected program for your enjoyment, including work in progress, new choreographies and special guest performances from Danish and foreign dancers.

Admission is FREE, first come first serve - but ONLY by reserving a ticket at billetto.

First FNS in the Spring will be on May 7th. : A double bill with Lucas Kruse Kristiansen & Giorgia Reitani

In SIR, we will examine how we distance ourselves from each other due to hierarchy and status. How some people succumb to dominance. SIR is inspired of the formal term “Sir” still used extensively to portray men and their status. The bodies will tell a story about how we as humans are exposed to the opinions of others and how we compete against each other for status, respect and attention and the piece questions the role that gender, femininity and masculinity play.
With choreographer and danscer Lucas Kruse Kristiansen and dancer Timothy De Mesa Højgaard.
The piece “Essendo” (in Italian being, the gerund of the verb to be) shows honesty towards the self in a journey where vulnerability is embraced, and not refrained from. If we forego self-judgment and strip ourselves from our ideas of the future, can we allow a moment to rise and fall to its own accord and simply be? 
In the duet the performers meet in a continuous dialogue: the spontaneous movement of Giorgia Reitani is accompanied by the melancholic sound of the çeng played by Abraham Rademacher, who also use his voice almost as a lament.
The idea came from the continuous struggle that artists have by being in an environment in which it’s easy to become self- judgmental and find faults in themselves.
This struggle is also present in nowadays society, where a lot of people create an image to portray for others.
So how can we find acceptance, listen to ourselves and by being honest allow presence and real connection with the others? This is the question moving the piece, that is an exploration through the integrity of the idea, where the performers connect in a journey, while being challenged by the presence of the audience.               

Dance and concept: Giorgia Reitani
Live music and voice: Abraham Rademacher
Dramaturgy: Niels Knop Madsen

Following dates: details to follow
Time: 6pm-7pm