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Expanding modern dance in Copenhagen

Dansekapellet (The Dance Chapel) is located in the old chapel and crematorium of Bispebjerg Churchyard from 1908. The crematorium and chapel closed down in 2003, leaving room for our world class dance studios to open in 2012.

At Dansekapellet we are passionate about showcasing and driving the advancement of modern and urban dance forms, as well as developing and supporting young dancing and choreography talents. We are also working passionately to advance the knowledge and passion of dance in our local community.

Here you can attend a variety of dance classes and experience shows from Danish and international choreographers and companies. We are proud to be part of a long line of international co-productions and collaborations, which all serve the purpose of advancing and expanding our love of dance.    

The leader of Dansekapellet is Cher Geurtze.

Please see this link for contact information on the staff at Dansekapellet

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Shows, events and workshops might be photographed and/or filmed. With portraiture or personal pictures, Dansekapellet will ask for your consent before using the images either publicily or internally. General situation pictures of a harmless variety, will be saved and used in Dansekapellets archives. 

Anyone can withdraw their consent at any time, and the images will be removed from digital media as soon as possible, and from print at the next possible publication. 

If you find pictures of you that you do not want used, please contact Dansekapellet to have it removed.